maanantai 28. kesäkuuta 2010

More journal pages

I added 10 journal pages in to my Flickr, here is 3 of them
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My morning.I wake up 6.30 when my phone piips.First thing to do is making coffee and picking up the newspaper from post box. I enjoy waking up when my room is full of sunshine. Now in June the sun rises up already about 3 a.m. so my bedroom is lightful when I wake up. Waking up before anyone else does is my own time - I read the newspaper, drink coffee, smoke and watch the TV news.

I remember the day 11 th of May 1967. It was my 7th birthday. My parents told me to go in the living room and see what was in there. It was the best gift I ever received -  a new bicycle - I started to cry and my parents though first Iwas disapointed but they were lookinhg for happy tears. That summer I was cycling a lot.

My first espedition to the big world wide world happened when I was about 4. We were visiting my grandmother who lived in a apartment house in a big city. I was playing in the yard and found a childrens tricycle, cycled out in the street, down the hill towards the harbour. All I can remember was the sight of harbour when I was "flying " down the hill. What a feeling of freedom. My parents didn't like the same.

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Hi Hanna - thank you for commenting on my blog - you have a great blog and I love your journal pages too

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